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[hotel/vacation rentals][easy]

Expedia TAAP is the travel agent portal of the Expedia consumer site. This is a great resource for booking hotels, car rentals, excursions and vacation rentals. You can not get a commission via airbnb, but since Expedia owns HomeAway, and many of those same properties are on both platforms, you can get a commission on vacation rentals via Expedia TAAP. [link]

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Commission: Pkgs 3-5%, Car Rental 6%, Hotel 3.5-11%, Excursions 10%



This a great site for tours, excursions, and activities of all kinds. The commission isn't great, but the ease of booking and amazing customer experience make up for it.  [link]

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Commission: 8%



Tons of tours and activities to choose from. Global destinations. Easy to navigate site.  [link]

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Commission: 10% 



This is our consortium. Think of it as a large network of education, marketing, and booking options. The suppliers endorsed by Travel Leaders give us and our clients amazing savings, perks and commissions. Hotels are booked through their portal named pinSIGHT and cruises can be booked through their Cruise Pro portal. Although it can be easier to go through Cruising Power, Expresso or Expedia for most things. I would mostly use this for your own education.  [link]

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Commission: % Varies


[tours/all in one/packages][high commission]

This company puts together packages and allows you a reasonable amount of control in putting together your own package.  

They also offer Norwegian cruises, group travel (ability to book on separate cards and per person), and vacation rentals in popular destinations. 

Also, our commission is one of the highest here, so it's worth a look.  

Locations are not necessarily limited, but there are not a ton of options in each location.  It's like shopping at a Walmart Market vs. the Walmart Superstore.  

They also offer all inclusive's in the Caribbean and Mexico. [link]

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Commission: 16%


[adventure][Global][high commission]

Budget friendly adventure tour company with a wide selection of small-group tours, safaris and expeditions. Has 18-30 year old travel packages as well. [link]

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Commission: 17% 


[Global][High Commission]

Offers 5% Commission on VRBO properties. Specializes in Hawaii, Europe and Caribbean FIT or group travel. High Commission on everything else.  


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Commission: 12% 


[Travel Insurance}

TravelSafe Insurance is the United States' last privately owned travel insurance company. It’s designed for people who love to travel. Whether you travel domestic or abroad, we’ll help you cover your client's trip and protect them once they're there.  Great phone customer service. Travel Safe is less bureaucratic than Allianz and generally easier to deal with.


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Commission: 20-25%


[adult only][high commission]

Adult only, luxury brand. Cruises are in Caribbean, Europe and Australia.  You can make additional commission by combining their flight with Air by Virgin.  This is one of the best cruise lines for clients without children. See for more info.


Commission: 16%

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