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Jess creates an environment that maximizes your time. Following this flow will make the process quick and minimize back-and-forth emails.

With travel being in very high demand, it is essential to be reachable and decisive to make sure the options you chose are still available (and at the agreed upon price) upon travelitinerary execution.

The custom travel planning process begins after you've booked your flights and
paid your deposit.




  • $99 per travel day.

  • $25/per person per flight booking. Jess normally doesn't book flights.

  • $99 travel date change fee. This is if you change your dates of travel after you've started.

  • 50% deposit upon start, 50% final payment upon itinerary acceptance/booking.

  • Modifications after final itinerary is accepted, may require additional fees.


  • There will be an initial phone interview to learn all about you, your family, and trip.

  • Pick a solo point person who will communicate with Jess to avoid confusion and delay. 

  • Jess will research all the options and present a custom travel itinerary via email.

  • 24-48 hours after the initial itinerary email, you have a 1 hour mandatory phone meeting to discuss any modifications. It's via phone, not email or text. #oldschool

  • Your final itinerary is approved during that call or 24 hours later.


  • Your itinerary is delivered via email and Tripit App, and final payment is due.