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Jess Travel Host Agency Logo

 ...a boutique, host agency for travel planners 


Access to training & marketing strategies to help you start or grow as an agent.


Manage client details,  your commissions, and make beautiful itineraries with ease.


The highest commissions in the industry, and no hidden fees. You deserve it.


Access to 100's of travel provider's through our exclusive deals.


 On-call support, to help you with advice, plus a profile website created for you.

pay for your custom travel plan
Jess Travel Personal Travel Planner and vacation planner logo

vs. The Rest


No Monthly or Annual Fees

No Mandatory Webinars

No Corporate Atmosphere

No Sales Quotas

No Nonsense

Just you, some new friends, and Jess talkin' travel

We help you, do you.

Custom Travel planning is perfect as an at-home side hustle, or a full-time profession. Jess gets you started immediately without have to acquire certain credentials, or join any groups. You’re on your schedule. 

It's your brand, your company, our help.

A great travel host agency offers you business and marketing advice, and then gets out of your way. We've taken care of the bureaucratic hassle, so that you can concentrate on building your brand and curating the best travel experiences for your clients. You're probably already a natural at this.

Just do your thing. Don't overthink it. We got you.

Meet The Team

Jess Travel Host agency for custom travel planners


planner extraordinaire, travel lover, caffeine consumer

Jess Travel travel host agency owner Joe


marketing expert, business developer, neurotic

Jess Custom Travel Planner Host agency Contractors

business owners, travel planners, joy makers

Is becoming a 
Travel Planner with Jess 
the right fit for you?

  • Jumpstart your side hustle

  • Join a community.

  • Be your own boss.

  • Do what you're already good at.

  • Create your own brand.

  • Set your own schedule.

  • Work from home.

  • Make a great living.

  • Travel the world.

  • Enrich people's lives.

  • Learn the way you want to @JessUniversity

  • Write off your work travel and expenses.

  • Highest job satisfaction rates in the country.

  • Get commissions on your own travel.

  • Make commissions on your client's travel.

  • Get up to 50% off your own travel.

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