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This is where the rubber hits the proverbial road

Remember when I said, "We're not like old-school travel agents?" This is why. I charge a fee for travel planning.  But don't worry, you've still got options to fit your exact needs.  Whether you want me to arrange a tour package for you, or you want a more custom, personal travel experience, I've got you covered.  Either way, you get your perfect trip planned with that Jess touch and expertise.


old school travel agent

(with a Jess touch)

She's got ideas.
She's got brochures.
She's affordable.

  • Cruises, Tours, and All-Inclusives: Select from a variety of pre-designed packages.

  • Model Selection: Choose from straightforward package options (Model A, B, or C) for a less time-consuming process.

  • Personal Travel Specialist: A dedicated expert focuses on your unique travel style, ensuring a personalized experience for both current and future journeys.

  • The Jess Touch: Even within pre-designed packages, we aim to find that special touch that feels tailor-made for you.

  • Tailored Options: Receive up to 5 carefully curated package options that align with your travel personality.

  • Informed Decisions: We provide all the information you need to make the perfect choice for your trip.

  • Pros and Cons Analysis: Our proposals detail the advantages and disadvantages of each option, complemented by an optional follow-up call for discussion.

  • One Easy Price: Enjoy the simplicity of a single price point for your entire package.

  • Hassle-Free Booking: We take care of booking your package. Your only job is to show up informed and ready to relax.


Modern Day Custom Travel Planner

(a Jess specialty)

She's custom.
She's knowledgeable.
She's yours.

  • Tailor-Made Itineraries: Create a unique and personalized itinerary. No more fitting into pre-packaged plans.

  • Complete Control: Choose every aspect of your travel - from lodging to dining, activities (guided or non-guided), and even the overall flow.

  • Flexible Budgeting: Your trip, your budget. Get detailed pricing for each item and pay only for what you want.

  • Personal Travel Specialist: A dedicated expert learns about you and your group's travel style, ensuring a perfect match for this and future trips.

  • Custom Timeline: Plan your trip at your pace. Choose proposal delivery dates that suit your schedule.

  • Inclusive Lodging: Every custom trip comes with lodging arrangements throughout your journey.

  • Dynamic Day Planning: Your trip days include a blend of activities, dining, and leisure, tailored to your preferences. Jess’s favorite part!

  • Full or Half Days: Plan full days or consider arrival and departure days as half days.

  • Free Days: Enjoy unstructured time for relaxation or spontaneous adventures. Only pay for the days we plan.

  • Jess's Ideal Mix: 75% planned days + 25% free days for the perfect balance of excitement and relaxation.

  • Detailed Proposals: Day-by-day breakdown with pros/cons, followed by a discussion call to finalize choices.

  • Decision Support: Struggling with choices? Opt for a rough itinerary proposal with 3 comprehensive options and a collaborative phone call for an additional $198.

  • Final Preparations: A concluding 'travel school' call to review your itinerary, ensuring complete peace of mind.

  • Just Show Up: Arrive informed and ready for an unforgettable experience.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

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