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Custom Virgin Voyages Travel Agent


 Jess is a custom, Virgin Voyages travel agent 

"I never considered myself a cruise person until Virgin Voyages.

Now I get it."

An expertly-curated, private Virgin Voyages cruise plan for the person that thought they hated cruises.

Virgin Voyages Cruises, a new, adult only, luxury cruise experience.  All Virgin cruise itineraries are luxurious, custom, and can be private.
Peruse below to understand why Virgin Cruises are different.
> No Buffets
> No Kids
> No Belly Flop Contest
> No Public Address Announcements
> No Annoying Photographers
> No Cattle Call Boarding
> No Nickel-and-diming
>No Tipping

...and yet somehow you're missing nothing.


I picked         ! What's next?

Jess Solo black.png
Corporate Travel Planner

1. Interview

Custom group travel itinerary

2. Research

Company travel planner Jess.Travel

3. Book


4. Enjoy

I figure out what makes the perfect cruise for you and your entourage.

I'll put together a custom travel plan keeping everyone in mind.

This is where you give the thumbs up and get excited. 

Just show up with your personal cruise itinerary on each phone.

...touched for the very first time

virgin voyages deals
Virgin Cruise booking agent

A Virgin Voyages cruise just hits differently. Gone are the terrible buffets, crowds, screaming kids, and general cruise annoyances. 

There's free wifi, plated, delicious meals, and luxurious staterooms. Let me book you and your crew a custom Virgin cruise, complete with private excursions and convince you that maybe you're a cruiser now too. 

When you book with us, you're not just getting a ticket to sail; you're unlocking a tailored voyage of discovery. Imagine private excursions crafted to your preferences, creating memories that last a lifetime. This isn't just a cruise – it's a journey designed around you.

Who knows? You might even see us on the ship. 

Can I get you a deal?

The short answer is, "not any better than you can get yourself most likely."  And neither can any other Virgin agent. Our value lies in our service. We will take care of you and your group, and make the process as smooth as possible.  All for free. We'll also take care of your pre and post trip activities and lodging for just $69/day.

Virgin voyages cruise planner jess
Jess Virgin Cruise travel planning chat.jpg

What's a Virgin Voyages Cruise Planner even do?

More like "What don't they do?" Besides being an official Virgin Voyages First Mate and cruising expert, Jess will also...

  • FREE - We book your Virgin Cruise

  • FREE - We book your Excursions off the ship

  • FREE - We make sure you're getting the best deal

  • FREE- We book your dining Reservations & your nightly entertainment

Book Additional Pre & Post Voyage transportation and accommodations for just $69/day

Go Book Yourself!

Virgin Voyages Gift Card

Book without Jess' concierge service and still receive a
$50 (per cabin)

Amazon Gift Card

Jess Virgin Voyages Cruise Planner

Non-Cruise Destinations

Check out our main Jess.Travel Site for custom travel itineraries created for any destination.

Jess Virgin Cruise Planner agent.jpg


Swanky without being pretentious. High-class without being highfalutin


Virgin Cruises offers a variety of amenities and activities on its ships, including fine dining, fitness centers, spa services, and entertainment. The company is committed to sustainability and supporting local communities in the destinations it visits.


A Virgin Cruise is an adult-only experience and is a great opportunity to meet new people and create lasting memories. Jess.Travel is a top-rated cruise travel planning company that can assist with all aspects of planning a cruise, including booking accommodations, arranging shore excursions, and selecting the best cabin for your needs and preferences. The team at Jess.Travel will work closely with you to create a customized virgin cruise itinerary that fits your budget and preferences.

We'll take the time to get to know you and your cruise goals, and they will work closely with you to create a customized itinerary that fits your budget and preferences. So let Jess be your Virgin Voyages travel agent.

Jess is your custom virgin cruise travel planner
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