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My name is Lauren Clanton and I am the founder of Beau Voyage Travel. I am an independent travel planning advisor that can turn visions of that much needed get away into a carefully curated reality.  
Based in Houston, TX I’ve spent 17 years in demanding corporate roles including sales, operations, and marketing. I’ve learned firsthand how important it is to incorporate time to decompress. Taking vacation became imperative for me to avoid overload that could lead to friction in both my career and family life. I began coordinating personal travel for my family, expanded into group travel for trips with friends, and even began coordinating itineraries for family and friends to take on their own. When others were reaching out to me for travel help, the biggest challenge shared was --- lack of time. Travel planning can be overwhelming. With so many destinations and potential areas of interest, it can be time-consuming to research the best things to do, where to eat, transportation needs, coordinating/booking activities, and planning time to get from point A to point B.
I enjoyed leveraging my passion for travel with the ability to build truly custom experiences for others. From there, Beau Voyage Travel was born. Beau Voyage Travel gives you a trusted resource who will take your vacation vision and bring the right elements together to curate a truly personalized and custom vacation experience!

Laura Clanton Custom Travel Planner.jpg


A personal travel planner does all the research and planning of the trip for you. I'll build a trip based on your personal preferences, family composition and special needs.


Accommodation, attractions, transportation, restaurants, and maps, are all provided. You will get a detailed file that includes all the information according to day and time. All that you need to do is sign-off and pack.


Anyone can book a hotel, but putting together a vacation takes time. The idea is to maximize your time and money instead of wasting it on an attraction you didn't know was closed or a hotel that looks beautiful only in pictures.


That's it. Just enjoy your trip. I've taken care of all the details, accessible right on your phone.

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My area of expertise.

With a fulltime career working for a global company, I’ve had the opportunity to explore some of the world’s most beautiful and culture-rich destinations. I specialize in both rural and urban European destinations including England, France and Italy. Europe offers truly unique travel opportunities and with a well-planned itinerary, you can experience a world like you have never seen before. Whether you are a first-time visitor and dream of visiting the most popular destinations, or someone looking to explore the off-beaten path and want to engage in more local culture, I can be your guide to curate a truly customized and once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Looking to plan something local that won’t include the 8-10 hour travel overseas? I specialize in domestic travel experiences too! Take a look at some of our most popular U.S. destinations:

Portland, ME
Philadelphia, PA
Washington, D.C.
Chicago, IL
Louisville/Frankfurt, KY
Gatlinburg, TN
Nashville, TN
Destin, FL
Miami, FL
New Orleans, LA
Austin, TX
Fredericksburg, TX
Houston, TX
Galveston, TX
Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX
San Antonio, TX
Las Vegas, NV
Denver, CO
Steamboat Springs, CO
Napa Valley/San Francisco, CA

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