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custom personal Family travel planner

 "Because you still have to be family when you arrive home" 


A custom family vacation by Jess.Travel

Get ready for epic adventures, lasting memories, and backpacks full of snacks! Welcome to custom family vacations with Jess.Travel.

We specialize in curating family vacation experiences that blend adventure, relaxation, and exploration, creating cherished moments that will be talked about around the dinner table for years to come.

Peruse below to narrow down your trip's theme.

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Corporate Travel Planner

1. Interview

Custom group travel itinerary

2. Research

Company travel planner Jess.Travel

3. Book

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4. Enjoy

I figure out what makes the perfect trip for you and your entourage.

I'll put together a custom travel plan keeping everyone in mind.

This is where you give the thumbs up and get excited. 

Just show up with your family travel itinerary on each phone.

& the great American family vacation

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Family Fishing Trip
Family Camping Trip

At Jess.Travel, we're like vacation magicians, conjuring up extraordinary adventures tailored precisely to your family's desires. Think of us as your travel customizers, crafting vacations that fit your family like a glove – but with more sunsets and fewer secret agents (unless you want some!).

Our secret sauce lies in the meticulous details. We'll handle the logistics, so you can focus on making unforgettable memories. From securing luxurious stays to arranging exciting excursions, we've got you covered. With Jess.Travel, your family's custom vacation is not just a getaway; it's an adventure filled with laughter, excitement, and a touch of the unexpected.

From luxurious stays to insider ice cream parlor tips, we've got you covered. 

Other Destinations

Check out our main Jess.Travel Site for custom travel itineraries created for any destination.

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(per travel day planned)

How much is a family vacation planner?

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Anyone can book a tour, pick a hotel, and read the list of "family vacation must do's."  But for $99/day you can have the unique travel experiences of walking to dinner on a beach, sharing a picnic of amazing local food at an awesome overlook, or sipping coffee poolside with every family member considered, require foresight and attention to detail.


A #travellikeJess vacation itinerary includes:

  • Custom itinerary planning

  • Curating memorable travel experiences

  • Lodging options, including Airbnb/VRBO

  • Transportation booking including RVs

  • Restaurant reservations

  • Excursion planning

  • Travel Insurance offering

  • Sporting event booking

  • Dietary restrictions, disabilities & pets taken care of

  • App Download and PDF viewable custom trip plan

  • Detail to flow, no one in your party will be bored nor tired

family vacation travel planner
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Hey there, it's Jess, and I wear many hats. By day, I'm a certified Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA), but when the stethoscope is set aside, my true calling takes the stage - orchestrating unforgettable journeys. It all began with creating dream getaways for close-knit circles of friends and family, and over time, Jess.Travel has blossomed into a thriving venture.

My mission at Jess.Travel/family is clear: to banish the travel planning hassle, especially for families like yours. I've honed my skills over the years, thanks to the countless personalized adventures I've crafted. See, I get it. Family vacation planning can be like solving a Rubik's Cube while juggling flaming torches. Flights, hotels, activities - it's enough to make anyone's head spin. That's where I come in. I'll navigate the intricate maze of travel details, leaving you free to savor the excitement of your upcoming adventure without the added stress.

And here's the icing on the cake - we're budget wizards. Thanks to our extensive network of local contacts, we can often conjure up discounts and deals that might elude your solo efforts. This translates to making the most of your travel budget, so you can dive even deeper into the local wonders and create lasting memories with your family.

In a nutshell, partnering with a custom travel planner like Jess.Travel for your family vacation is like having your own travel genie. We bring expertise, save you time and hassle, and ensure your budget is spent wisely. Say goodbye to vacation planning stress and hello to family adventures that are pure magic! ✨🌍✈️

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